Scarlet "Leech x Host"


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The.. launch? - He looked at me. I still couldn’'t believe I was lying down next to him, in a meadow that seemed a tad too romantic for my tastes. I was lying in the sun, as close to a patch of shadow as possible so he could hide his sparkly skin, like he wanted. "‘Your fingers are cold,’" I said, a useless statement.
‘"Everything about me is cold,"’ he replied. I turned to look at him, his eyes were the bright shade of yellow I had only seen once before. Well, 'yellow'...… Maybe gold, or whatever. It’s like his eyes are two 20 cents euro coins or something. Renee travels a lot, we’ve got a lot of foreign coins back in Phoenix. She collects them. Anyway, back on the subject. I looked at him and said: "‘That’s a lie."’
He looked surprised. ‘"Your personality isn’t cold, contrary to what Mike believes."’
He was leaning on his side, supporting his face with his hand. He smiled a faint smile. Because of our positions he was kind of bent over me. The faint smile turned into a grin. "‘The lion fell in love with the lamb,"’ he said. I chuckled. ‘"What’s so funny?’" He said, his eyes full of surprise, and even a bit of disappointment. I immediately felt bad for laughing. I like picking on people, but whenever I make him feel bad I just… regret my actions. Damn it, I’m turning into a pansy.
"‘Well,"’ I said, looking up at him, ‘"you’'re not much of a lion.’" He blinked, eyes blank.
‘"Hm. You’re not much of a lamb either. You'’re more like a full grown goat ready to ram into whatever gets in it’s way."’
‘"You'’re like a mosquito."’ His eyes grew big, he looked shocked.
‘"I remind you of a bloodsucking bug that makes the most irritating noise ever?!"’ he said in a slightly high-pitched voice. "‘Do you not like it when I’'m around? Would you like to stop my annoying blabbering by swatting me into a mess on the wall?!"’
‘"No, no, that’s not what I meant at all! I mean...…You'’re small. And it’'s a given, you are around me all the time. And you'’d like to keep it that way, right?’"
‘"Well maybe not, if you can'’t think of any better metaphors."’
‘"And you do suck blood. So any bloodsucking animal would make more sense than, say, a lion. Maybe if you were a zombie a lion would make sense.’"
‘"But a lion’s a predator and a lamb a prey.’"
‘"But a mosquito actually hunts humans. Well, not really, but it does drink human blood. I could compare you to a vampire."’
He frowned. "‘I am a vampire."’
‘"There’'s a species of bats called vampires. They drink blood."’
‘"No one'’s going to get that,"’ he said. ‘"They’'ll all just think “well, duh”."’
‘"What do you mean '“they'”? Were you planning on writing a book or something?"’ Suddenly he turned red. ‘"No, but…...In a book, I read that metaphor, and I thought it was really pretty.’"
‘"Was that about a vampire and a boy too, then?"’ He shook his head.
‘"A vampire and a girl. But I could never be as tough as that vampire is."’ I moved up to kiss him. He looked surprised, yet again. ‘"I don'’t want you to be tough. Don’'t change. You’'re the vampire I like, no matter how un-lion-like you are.’" He smiled. Not a faint smile, but a big grin. His cheeks, normally pale, were even a bit red now. It made me feel strange.
Never thought I could cause a vampire to blush. Not even a sparkly vampire with jawbreaker eyes. Could a leech be in love with it'’s host? No, of course not. It would die of starvation. Since I’'m the host in this, I wouldn’'t want my leech to die. But I don’'t want him to bite me either. Hmm. Metaphors with animals are just a bad idea when you try to describe a relationship, I think. I’ve never been an expert with metaphors anyway. Or with anything involving poetry, for that matter.

It's slightly bigger, you can see that on my DA page. Also, over there the quality hasn't been murdered *sigh* I shouldn't make such big pages...

Got a new tablet, took me a while to get it to work so that caused a little lag. I think a new page will follow soon.

Now this is the cover. Liked it better than the original.. and a little more Twilight-y. The apple, I mean.

Err so yeah. This is the beginning. Have fun reading it I guess

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